Crypto Conference in North Korea?! Blockchain and Politics

In the wild world of crypto, North Korea has announced they plan to host a Crypto Conference in the Pyongyang. While the ethical issues raised by a tyrant country hosting a conference in a technical industry are valid. We can’t help but wonder what this means for the ongoing evolution of blockchain as we know it?

Radio Free Asia revealed this story, stating that the first ever crypto conference will be held on October 3rd. Very little other information is available yet at this time. For a sanctions-heavy country, this brings with it many ethical, logistical and logical issues to the table.

North Korea to host international blockchain conference in October

North Korea to host a Global Crypto Conference

Hot on the heels of the previous announcement that their North Korea targeted exchanges and stole billions in crypto, makes the announcement, even more, interesting. What seemed initially to be a “dark” endeavor for ‘easy money’, North Korea may be seeing the real possibility of utilizing cryptocurrencies as a part of their financing.

Political opinion aside, the recent meeting with Kim Jong-Un with US President Trump in South Korea was a monumental undertaking, to say the least. Perhaps the northern ruler continued to see the innovative change that crypto investing holds for the future along with the liquidity and volume that exchanges like Binance can bring. It’s no secret that North Korea is more apt to consider options for lowering sanctions and trade restrictions. What better possibility than to begin by entering the industry by hosting a global crypto conference?

Logistically, I see many issues with media and notable crypto projects to attend given the past negative attitude towards the western audiences. With that said, a global momentum of both professional and general audience looking for options for the future of crypto investing allows for a bit of a more flexible stance on international attendance and involvement within North Korea.

One would be foolish not to consider the negatives as well. Taking into consideration previous complications, many blockchain companies aren’t inclined to send representatives to attend this crypto conference. Personally, I believe this crypto conference may be a test to see the interest for attendance and investment. It could even possibly develop into a potential stop on the conference circuit.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, I just have to ask: Will Dennis Rodman attend? Who knows, but we can rest assured any development of this story will continue to surprise us.

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