Blox Stories – When Crypto Meets Social

Take a multi-billion industry built on innovation and disruptive technology, where people share their creativity and imagination in a ‘democratic’ way, now take social features and technologies that millions love and use everyday, and put them together! The possibilities are limitless. Our new feature, ‘Blox Stories, does exactly that.

We already know what stories are and how they can improve our social experiences. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and so many other social platforms are doing it, now it will be available on the blockchain technology and strictly about cryptocurrencies.

Blox stories are a simple, intuitive and familiar way to get market updates, enrich your crypto portfolio experience, learn about trending cryptos and receive insights in a social way.

blox stories - most watched community tokens.jpg

Scroll between the most trending crypto projects in the industry and learn all you need to know about them with a simple tap on your screen.

Blox stories - flow .jpg

Teaching users about the advantages and improvements blockchain has to offer is not a simple task. We believe that, Sooner or later, cryptocurrencies will become household names, but it’s up to us to make it happen. The idea behind the stories is fairly simple, we facilitate users’ transition into the crypto world by familiarizing our product to what the user is already accustomed to from his daily lives.

Blox stories is a small step toward a world with more Blockchain and a big step towards a fully social Blox platform!

Get Blox. Get Better.  

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